Stephane Portha : First Massively Multiplayer Online Iphone Game

Stephane Portha : First Massively Multiplayer Online Iphone Game

The originality of the success story of this genius lies in his determination, his daring and his work. His story proves that all things are possible to one who is self-confident and assertive. It was indeed true for him that when there is a will, there is a means.

Only at the age of six, he knew what he wanted and did everything to have it. His vocation was defined in the world of video games; a vocation that sprang up at a very early stage of his life. Today aged 49, he has already suffered all his life for his passions. He has always conducted a professionally busy life that has inspired more than one around the world.

A very busy youth

When he was only 14, he already had a creative spirit. With the old machines of the time he managed to create a video game that he called Tank. With such an innovative spirit and know-how, it was no surprise that the game was a very good one considering the means used for its creation.

Indeed the game was fluid and fun. Successful and always aiming higher, he decided to create his own company to live his passion, Eurocenter was born. It was a reference company in France and participated in the digital world's evolution.

Quality professional references to his account

He is a real self-taught if we speak about video game and digital world in general. And in terms of major references, his resume contains quite a number of them. His key positions in large international and national firms allowed him to better manage his own company. Among the major companies he used to work, we can name the following

  •  Linux
  •  Neogeo
  •  Inmob

He has held positions of director or manager in his companies. And all the experience he acquired serves him in managing Eurocenter.

Innovative spirit

Once Eurocenter created, Stephane Portha ( was immediately set up to do the most, create more. GraalOnline was launched on the market. The game was more technically successful than commercially at the time. Note that this game was also the first multiplayer opus then.

Always in a spirit of innovation, he decided to develop Eurocenter and renamed it Eurocenter Game. A new bigger firm which makes some of the mobile video games we all play today. Among the successes of Eurocenter Games, a significant contribution has been added in the implementation and creation of the first games on the Appstore.

And it is also the same company that has managed to make more than 8 million sales of mobile games around the world. Eurocenter Games is also the owner of the famous GraalOnline games, namely Era +, the game of gang and urban war. There is also the classical GraalOnline +, the game of kingdom creation.

And finally GraalOnline Zone + where you can explore space and travel the planets. Stéphane Portha's success story is a living proof of a “dream come true”, of self-confidence that pays.